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Strategic Sourcing

We deliver effective sourcing solutions using our accredited global network of suppliers who are chosen based on their capabilities, pricing and quality. This strategy provides us with the unique opportunity to refine our sourcing to best meet our customers' requirements. In a world of local, national and global sourcing, we have it covered.

Supply Chain Partners

Our Supply Chain partners have demonstrated a wide array of capabilities and are able to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your project specifications within budget and to the specified deadline. Through our relationships and exclusive agreements with our supply partners, we are able to deliver competitive pricing that is sustainable. There are three main components to our methodology – our stringent auditing process, our ethical sourcing policies and our commitment to supplier diversity.

Auditing Process
Auditing Process

Our auditing methodology ensures that processes are in place to maintain your brand integrity and the quality of your products. Importantly, The Buckner Group's accredited supplier panel are audited every three months.

These suppliers must comply with our:

  • Quality Management systems (including ISO 9001:2015),
  • Occupational Health & Safety policies,
  • Environmental policies (including Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody Standard) and
  • Adherence to The Buckner Group’s Ethical Sourcing Policy.
Ethical Sourcing
Ethical Sourcing

The Buckner Group prides itself on working with supply partners who treat their employees with respect, pay them a fair price for their labour, provide safe and hygienic working conditions and do not employ child labour.

In dealing with our supply chain, we seek a balance of these three elements:

  • PEOPLE – ensure people are paid fair price for their labour and that they are employed in decent conditions;
  • PROFITS – a more even distribution of profits along the supply chain; and
  • PLANET – manufacturing as sustainably as possible to protect the planet.
Supplier Diversity
Supplier Diversity

As a fourth-generation family owned business, we recognise that supplier diversity provides us with a significant position of strength in which to support our customers and perform in the markets that we serve. Our suppliers must comply with the Equal Opportunity Act (2010) and the Human Rights Act (1998), the Modern Slavery Act and all other statutory and regulatory requirements relating to equal opportunities; They shall not treat any person or group of people less favourably than another on the grounds of race, culture, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender, marital/parental status, religion, or faith under any circumstances.