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Our tips for choosing branded merchandise that just make sense

After 97 years in operation, we like to think of ourselves as reasonably well versed in what justifies effective merchandise selection. Whilst Buckner Brand Management has experience engaging with countless verticals, our team of specialists treat each of our customers as individual cases, because we believe that what makes them different, is truly what makes them brilliant.

Regardless of whether we’re sourcing a pen or a boat, we ensure that the solutions we deliver support our customers brand personas and wider operational objectives. We've compiled our favourite tips for selecting branded merchandise below.

1. Catered to customers
Branded merchandise should be selected and designed to impress one person and one person only - your customer. Anything you're doing to influence or engage them should always be relevant, practical and useful, and needs to deliver some type of value. Additionally, selecting an item that is useful encourages the likelihood that your customer will keep it around, ensuring your brand always remains at the forefront of their mind.

2. Timing is everything
We all know that timing is everything, and the delivery of branded merchandise is no exception. Branded collateral both needs to make sense and have a purpose, especially when provided to your customer. We suggest defining the purpose of merchandise in alignment with a campaign (or two, or three), to ensure that the application of the product makes sense and delivers ROI on your marketing efforts.

3. Quality over quantity
Your promotional efforts should be remembered for the right reasons. Get creative with selecting something that delivers value or a solution to your customer base, but try to avoid cheaping out. Higher quality promotional options also tend to last longer, increasing how long your customers end up keeping it around. We also recommend ensuring the product aligns with the values defined by your brand, and those prevalent in your customer base.

4. Merchandise messaging
Building on point three, if something has your name on it, it is immediately representing your brand the product and service offering that you're offering your customers. Ensure your branded merchandise is something that you would be confident telling people about. If your brand prides itself on environmental conscious behaviours, a heavy use of plastic probably doesn't send the right message.

5. Personal and purposeful
At the end of the day your branded merchandise is there for a reason. Ensure your branded merchandise has some kind of CTA and contact information. Take it a step further and consider applying a personal element to the product delivery, for that special touch.

If your team are looking for a solution that accurately represents and delivers value to your brand, we know just who can help. Reach out to today, and one of our strategic experts will assist you in finding the perfect fit.

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