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We know that whilst no two businesses are the same, at times we all face common challenges. Our solution is designed to marketing, design and operations teams in navigating these modern-day situations with ease.

Introducing Vident, a multichannel communications platform designed to cater to the physical and digital demands of brands across the world. Built on a world class platform, Vident facilitates training and education, streamlines content creation, gathers live data, and allows team members across the state, country, or continent to order branded merchandise, collateral, and apparel from one centralised platform.

Catalogue Ordering

Branded merchandise, marketing collateral, digital assets and apparel, all accessed through a centralised repository.

Extend access to assets throughout your network, with controlled catalogue engagement.
Promote, upsell and assign recommended products on a per item basis.
Monitor inventory levels and product engagement history in real time.
Encouraged informed purchases with product specifications and supporting imagery.
Empower safe transactions with our secure checkout functionality.

Asset Management Functions

Maintain consistency and amplify ROI on branded assets with streamlined digital resource libraries.

Store, distribute and monitor rich media files and documentation centrally.
Connect your team with relevant resources and avoid version control issues.
Secure amplified ROI on organisational assets and guide constructive team member engagement.
Protect your brand with secure, controlled, and monitored digital resources management.

Training and Communications

Communicate with your user-base via our always-on platform, designed to educate and inform, as well as order.

Establish an organisational point of truth through a single centralised system.
Communicate internal changes, updates, and processes effectively through written or rich media.
Provide centralised access to educative and training resources, operational information, and brand guidelines
Gather critical employee information from a centralised database and streamline onboarding and HR processes.
Enable automated responses in reaction to provided information, including programmed access to documents, resources, or data.

Analytics and Reporting

Enable continuous improvement and effectiveness through access to data-driven insights with our comprehensive reporting and analytics functions.

Make educated operational decisions with real-time data from user-friendly dashboards.
Engage with product consumption, user activity, page popularity, stock on hand reports and more.
Utilise budgetary and spend tracking to analyse individual user resource allocation.
Analyse connections between product and content engagement and marketing success.

DIY Design

Allow teams to execute local area marketing campaigns without compromising on brand conformance using our intuitive interface.

Eliminate bottlenecks and empower your people to create brand-aligned collateral in real time.
Define editable document components at a granular level, with predetermined restrictions and allowances.
Retain overall control with the ability to implement approval workflows at a user or product level.
Take advantage of smart dynamic layouts, amplifying the impact and lifecycle of your content.
Select from a variety of content outputs for amplified campaign impact.

Campaigns and Events

Afford overall visibility to your network and equip them to execute campaigns through use of the calendar function.

Schedule and communicate upcoming events, campaigns and themes to your network.
Send updates, reminders, and informative content.
Amplify local area marketing efforts with tips, tricks and educative articles.
Define event kits with new or existing product ranges, simplifying the planning process.

Print on Demand

Respond to market demand and send branded collateral directly to production in real-time.

Allow your team to send personalised or standardised assets direct to print in real-time.
Ensure consistency of quality across all tangible brand assets, from large scale signage to business cards.
Secure the best possible pricing on all print through our supply chain network.
Enforce limitations and bulk ordering functions on a per product level.

Defined User Access

Define restrictions to catalogue access, budget, and templates at a user level with approval workflows.

Remove bottlenecks and prevent expensive mistakes with approval processes at a user or product level.
Streamline access for your team with seamless single sign on integrations.
Allocate and monitor enforced budgets, and apply order spend limitations.
Eliminate risks of inconsistent variations of branded collateral and digital assets.
Control user access to content, products and functions with smart cataloguing.

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