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For marketing teams, January typically involves planning weeks, months, and years’ worth of social media campaigns, digital strategies, and at the centre of it all, multitudes of content.

With the increasing number of social channels, paired with the constant demand from consumers for engaging content, creative and marketing teams are facing pressures to deliver quality written and visual content, in unsustainable quantities. Alongside the requirement to adjust elements such as resolution, size, tone, and type of content across channels, multi-site brands also face the pressures of local area marketing, which can be incredibly resource demanding.

Internally, we take a “circular lifecycle” approach to creating digital assets. Regardless of the medium our teams are producing, the end goal should be to ensure it can be used across multiple channels and campaigns, ideally requiring – if anything, only a few alterations. These assets are then made available to the entirety of our team through our controlled DAM system, ensuring content pieces can be easily and appropriately utilised.

Our own approach translates directly to how we engage with our customers. BBM is committed to refining processes for your teams, ensuring they can allocate resources where it matters and focus on growing your brand. The entirety of our operational solution is based on making marketing easier, and that extends to the case of digital assets, regardless of the channels they are destined for.

At a high level, our online portal, Vident, provides a controlled solution to local area marketing efforts for geographically disposed brands. With the ability to host a range of products, Vident delivers a centralised and controlled marketing solution for brands, regardless of where their sites or people are located.

At the core of our solution sits our intuitive templating technology, which, when combined with our directly integrated DAM system, offers a powerful content-centric portal offering. Our customer’s teams are empowered to create personalised brand collateral, merchandise, apparel and social assets that adhere completely to brand guidelines and satisfy local area marketing requirements.

Digital assets can be created and customised to suit a range of channels, with the ability to change size, layout, orientation, content, and much more with the click of a button. The templating solution delivers endless lifecycle opportunities for a single creative asset, amplifying the ROI on a content piece that would have otherwise expired after a single use.

If your brand is looking to amplify local area marketing efforts, remove manual tasks from your teams, streamline your technology stack, and achieve increased ROI on assets, our portal is the solution for you. For further information on how BBM can deliver strategic value to your brand, contact our team via sales@buckner.com.au.

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