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Three transformative trends shaping B2B ecommerce in Australia
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Why we prioritise transformation in the technology space.

At BBM, we attribute a large portion of our success to our ability to pivot, adapt, and transform. To maintain this trajectory, we place great value in collaboratively navigating the B2B software space with industry partners who have the same mindset.

Aaron Chidley and the team at Balance Internet were a large part of the transformation undertaken to completely redevelop our B2B ecommerce platform, and we found great value in working alongside a team who were also dedicated to designing solutions for the now, but also the future.

Whilst our Vident solution is already redefining requirements and expectations in the area of marketing management software, our teams are constantly working on the next iteration, and know the importance of continuously delivering innovative solutions to our existing and potential users.

With forward thinking always on the horizon, Aaron has delivered an informative piece focused on the transformative B2B eCommerce trends making waves across Australia. Touching on the power of personalisation, the art of omnichannel orchestration, alongside the advancement in AI and ML, and featuring insights from BBM's own James Buckner, Aaron's article provides practical and innovative advice for navigating an ever-evolving landscape.

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