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This brand has established itself as a popular player in the financial industry and offers a diverse range of banking and financial services to consumers. Operating as a local alternative with a strong focus on taking a personalised approach and prioritising community engagement, this brand also boasts an impressive portfolio of brands within the Australian financial sector. Through an extensive network of owner-operated and corporate branches, alongside digital platforms, this collective of brands provides a vast array of financial solutions, spanning everyday banking services, lending, investments, and more. With a customer-centric ethos, this brand group aims to develop and maintain meaningful relationships while providing accessible and tailored financial options that resonate within the communities it serves.

The situation

Due to this brand’s national footprint, combined with the regulatory pressures of the financial industry, its Local Area Marketing (LAM) services must remain consistent with the brands look and feel, and adhere to governing bounds.

With the brand placing great importance on the recognition and support of local owner-managers, this business required a solution that accounts for the management of merchandise, apparel, signage, and event management for each of their branches across Australia.

The solution

Since 2017 our technology has successfully managed and delivered procurement and print management orders for this brand. At the commencement of the contract, our team conducted a thorough analysis of this brand’s business processes to identify possible areas of improvement. Upon review, we collaboratively decided that it was best to replace their existing print management and procurement systems with our single portal solution. Our system enhanced business process by consolidating numerous systems, and streamlining access to resources, which has led to increased productivity and solidified brand consistency.

The original implementation process included the integration of niche supplier systems and introduction of complex, smart-templating requirements. Individual branches are empowered to create personalised, brand conformant collateral through the use of prepopulating data and restricted fields. These marketing tools are then sent directly for print and distribution with a preferred panel of suppliers or downloaded to print in branch.


Buckner’s delivery was outstanding, and their solutions for our LAM portal was awesome. They worked under extreme pressure and stress from our team and never complained once. They are the best I’ve worked with!

Marketing team

The solution

This brand also utilise our portal to plan, fit out, and execute large-scale events across Australia. Individual branches are able to book events based on transparent stock availability, and create and order supporting merchandise and collateral, all within the one system. We store, deliver, and collect event merchandise, equipment, and signage, providing immense cost-savings, and reduce manual processes.

Utilising our domestic and global supply chains, we have worked with this brand to design a suite of merchandise and apparel that accurately represent the various arms of their brand whilst delivering competitive pricing. Access to merchandise items, apparel, signage, and printed collateral is restricted by role and brand division, supporting entity-wide brand consistency across a singular, user-friendly system.

Our portal provides a centralised solution that supports branch owner-managers, empowers local area marketing, assists with the execution of effective events and enforces brand conformance.

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