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This organisation manages a diverse and expansive global portfolio of travel brands and has a reputation as a reliable and comprehensive travel partner. The core of this brands operations includes the offering of a wide range of travel options including flights, accommodations, tours, and vacation packages. Focused on providing personalised experiences, this brand caters to various travel preferences and budgets, making it a popular choice among both leisure and business travelers. Faced with challenges such as the intricacies of different markets, cultures, and regulatory environments, maintenance of a consistent brand identity and varying customer preferences, this business required a solution that facilitated its vast portfolio of brands, whilst supporting the individual requirements of each.

The situation

This brand requires a diverse range of products and services that must be delivered to multiple sites and to strict deadlines.

Boasting a broad portfolio of brands, and global footprint, this brand requires an online solution that is highly intuitive to reduce the need for onsite training and simplify the purchasing process so that they can focus on revenue generating, day-to-day core business functions.

The solution requires customised components for each brand under the corporate umbrella, including interface design, product ranges, approval processes, and currency variations.

The solution

We implemented our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) programme in order to ensure we develop a number of appropriate cost-effective solutions and suggestions for the various brands that operate within this organisation. These solutions are developed in conjunction with both their brand specific marketing teams and also their centralised in-house marketing and communications agency in order to leverage the best benefit to all stakeholders involved within the process. Some of these have included the implementation of a brand specific, template-driven print-on-demand solution across the retail stores incorporating the use of our global supplier network, product range rationalisation and consolidation, as well as identifying a selection of appropriate assets for conversion into electronic format.

The previously mentioned print-on-demand service operates through the same high-quality production equipment regardless of site linked by a common network. Fast turnaround jobs are initiated in one location and can be printed at multiple sites, ensuring timely delivery. Alternatively, where time allows, centralised production is facilitated through these means. As a result, this has reduced the complete process from content creation to placement of order and delivery from two and a half weeks to a few days. Further to this, the number of human touchpoints has been greatly reduced within the process increasing speed-to-market, lowering price and ensuring brand consistency.

Additionally, this brand utilises our digital asset management solution for artwork management and version control. This has enabled the marketing teams to centrally control and share large collections of valuable digital assets within a permissions-drive, secure and flexible controlled environment to ensure brand consistency. Other soft cost benefits associated with the centralisation are delivered, such as reduced bandwidth as a result of not moving files around between departments or offices as well as centralised access for external users that can be granted on a continual or one-time use basis.

This brand also benefits greatly from the content management element of our Vident solution, creating accessible training modules for their teams that amplify success in their marketing and operations efforts.

Our account manager provides exceptional service for our brand – he’s a true asset to Buckner. Always efficient, friendly and comes with great recommendations in hand.

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