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This health and wellness organisation has a simple yet notable goal of empowering their client base to live stronger and happier lives. With an impressive brand portfolio that includes over 300 fitness clubs and wellness facilities, their commitment to fostering a healthier community is unmistakable. Offering an inclusive and supportive environment, this brand delivers a holistic approach to well-being, encompassing physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to wellness first, each team member continues to positively impact loves, inspiring a thriving community focused on health and happiness.

The situation

Due to its national footprint, and a presence within a highly competitive industry, our customer requires a diverse range of products and services that must be accurately delivered to various clubs and centres. Additionally, this brand requires a highly intuitive online solution that reduces the need for onsite training and simplifies the purchasing process, enabling team members to focus on revenue generating, and day-to-day core business functions.

The solution

We introduced systems to facilitate the warehousing, fulfilment and inventory management demands of an extensive range of print and promotional products across a number of sites, clubs and centres. Utilising established strategic alliances both onshore and offshore we were able to source promotional materials cost effectively that adhere to our Ethical Supply Chain Policy and meet group requirements, but also the individual demands of the brands.

Our Vident platform is critical to tracking distributions and ensuring timely delivery of these regular sales and marketing programs campaigns, and has provided greater visibility in warehousing, distribution and inventory management costs for this customer. Successfully rolled out in the first week of the contract with no downtime and minimum requirement for onsite training, separately branded portals were collaboratively designed to reflect each brand’s colour, personality, and styling requirements, and facilitate individual user journeys.

Approval flows were implemented to monitor branded templates, and budgetary limitations applied to individual sites. Through the intuitive interface, team members are guided through campaign purchases to ensure they are equipped to execute promotions successfully. Lists of products and suggested quantities are accompanied by informative content, empowering clubs to run effective local area marketing initiatives on their own schedules.

Everyone that I deal with provides excellent customer service and go above and beyond especially when we have tight timelines.

Marketing team member

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