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The value of harmonious multi-site marketing.

Culture shock is experienced by most when travelling. The surroundings, interactions, and cultural norms we are presented with in a new environment can sometimes all feel a little too much, and we subconsciously find ourselves searching for home. Before we know it, we round a corner and catch a glimpse of the statures high above the place we all hate to love, face to face with the golden arches.

Regardless of where we are, McDonalds provides us with an offering that we as consumers find solace in. Every time we enter the store, we know what we will receive, and how it is going to make us feel. Even though store offerings vary based on location, there will always be some element of the experience that makes us feel at home.

Recognition, familiarity and expectation, alongside an automatic assumption of trust, are the most advantageous benefits stemming from brand consistency; and these contribute to a strong customer base for the franchise. Like a customer entering McDonalds, every client who enters your storefront or chooses to interact with your brand online holds a pre-existing idea of the treatment they will receive.

Whilst a post on social media may not seem particularly important, an inconsistent marketing message leads to a negative impact upon brand identity and consequently, brand loyalty. Inconsistency can present itself in the format of slightly differing colourings, logo sizes, writing language, style, and image quality, and can be detrimental to a consumer’s perspective of a brand.

So, what are the best ways to ensure that franchisees social media presences are aligned with, and beneficial to, the overall brand? Firstly, it is integral that brand guidelines are documented and made readily available to franchisees, preferably on a LAM platform that also streamlines access to educational and training resources, branded collateral, and editable templates.

Alongside providing quality content options and posting guidelines that makes marketing an easier task for franchisees, a LAM platform also automates branding efforts and reduces pressure placed on corporate marketing teams.

With an understanding of the brand, and access to a streamlined LAM platform, franchise managers are empowered to engage in effective and conformant marketing. For more information about consistent marketing solutions, contact one of our helpful team members via

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