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Five key areas to consider when selecting apparel ranges.

When your team members wear their uniforms, they also representing your brand. In many cases, this is a great thing; however, it reiterates the importance of providing your team with a range of uniform options that meet five key deliverables. At Buckner Brand Management, we ensure that our apparel range meets the criteria of being durable, wearable, inclusive, functional, whilst also delivering strategic value.

Uniforms are typically washed and worn five days a week, meaning that an item’s ability to last and retain its shape, colour, and overall appearance should be a key requirement in the decision-making process. Items should be designed to withstand repetitive actions required within various roles, and facilitate wearer engagement with particular products and materials, ensuring your people can showcase your brand's standards and values.

Whilst items should be designed to be durable, the fabric and styles selected still need to be wearable, practical, and comfortable. Fabric type, weight, and weave will be dependent upon factors such as role demands and environment but are all integral elements that directly impact employee comfort and physical wellbeing. Items that are able to be easily put on and taken off, with layering options to facilitate varying climates should also be a part of a uniform range wherever possible.

A team member's overall wellbeing should also be factored into the design and selection of uniforms, ensuring that they are able to feel comfortable and considered when attending the workplace. Items across a range of sizes and styles, that are considerate of gender preference, body type and culturally diverse requirements should be incorporated into your range wherever possible, ensuring your people can fulfil their roles comfortably.

Functional capabilities should be front of mind, especially in an environment where physical demands are abundant. Items that can protect those wearing them, and those they are engaging with, without limiting functions required within a role are key elements of uniform design.

Value delivery
Overall, uniforms should be considerate of all areas previously described, whilst also providing strategic value in return. Whilst also contributing directly to brand exposure efforts, uniforms that are of a quality and consistent appearance reiterate values such as professionalism, inclusivity, and cohesion. Sense of belonging and togetherness for employees also directly impacts workplace culture and unifies teams.

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